The Challenger: “Who is India Walton and Why is She Running for Mayor?”

India Walton is running for Mayor of the City of Buffalo.

When she first announced in December, a lot of people wondered, who is she? And why is she running against a four-term, intrenched incumbent who appears well on his way to a 5th historic re-election bid?

India’s response: “I decided to run for Mayor of Buffalo because I am tired of seeing my community in this condition. Nearly half of our children are living in poverty, while the racial wealth and homeownership gap in Buffalo continues to widen. It saddens me to see cranes in the sky and hear tales of a renaissance knowing full well that the story for the majority of Buffalonians, particularly east of Main Street, is the complete opposite. I am running because we have been striving as a community to be self-determined and self-sufficient. The way we get there is with leadership that works with, listens to, and is accountable to the people.”

Should she win she will also find her place in history as the first woman elected mayor of Buffalo.”

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