India Walton On School Zone Speed Cameras: “This is about penalizing poor people in predominantly Black & Brown communities”

At Tuesday’s Buffalo Common Council meeting, India Walton spoke on halting the extractive school zone cameras.

“I actually live here and I know what these speed cameras do to people who live in my community, people who have three times the rate of poverty of other communities and people who live this everyday,” she said during the ZOOM meeting. “This is not about the convenience of getting around, this is about penalizing poor people in predominantly Black and Brown communities.”

Walton said the program is inappropriate and ineffective and has caused harm. “As mayor, I’ll improve the state of our streets by using capital improvement funding for Complete Streets designs such as more crosswalks, wider sidewalks, and traffic calming practices that increase accessibility and safety, and reduce reliance on enforcement.” Read more about her platform on infrastructure here. 

Full coverage from the Common Council meeting is available on WGRZ.