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Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Common Council Platform

I am focused on giving Masten not only what it deserves but that which is long overdue. My platform is centered on people and rooted in love, believing that equity, justice, and community are essential. I envision a Masten where people are housed, healthy, and have the resources to reach their full potential.

A Masten that is Housed

Focus on expanding and improving our housing

  • Community driven planning and development that focuses on housing residents throughout the lifespan and at all levels of physical ability and incomes.
  • Working with public/private partnerships to increase homeownership and address the racial wealth gap.

Hold landlords accountable for safe & healthy properties

  • Enforce the rental registry and work with Permits and Inspections to implement proactive rental inspection
  • Provide eviction and foreclosure prevention resources to residents in district
  • More programs to fund home maintenance & ownership, including support for residents in purchasing city-owned vacant lots

A Masten that is Safe

As the Masten Common Council representative, India will invest in harm reduction and restorative justice programs to address the root causes of crime, such as concentrated poverty and lack of living-wage jobs.


  • Address the root causes of crime and poverty
  • Support people struggling with poverty, substance abuse, mental health & homelessness with accessible resources. 
  • Improve public safety through environmental design with things like well lit streets, crosswalks, and trees. 
  • Work with Erie County’s Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce to fund and implement data driven, evidence based violence intervention strategies like Life Camp
  • increase oversight of BPD, training, community-oriented policing, and accountability
  • emphasize harm reduction and restorative justice programs rather than punitive measures through various measures, including response to crisis calls that utilizes mental health professionals rather than BPD officers

A Masten that is Healthy

India will support community-based initiatives to increase access to fresh and healthy foods, including neighborhood-owned grocery stores, and fill vacant lots with community gardens and farmers’ markets.

  • Use expertise as a registered nurse to address the needs of Buffalonians who are suffering from some of the worst health disparities in our nation
  • Support community-based initiatives to increase access to fresh and healthy food, including neighborhood-owned grocery stores and fill vacant lots with community gardens and farmers’ markets 
  • Plan for extreme weather, ensuring the City has the appropriate infrastructure, tools and community partnerships to keep residents safe during extreme weather occurrences
  • Prioritize municipal snow removal plans to improve accessibility during the winter months
  • Collaborate with Buffalo Public Schools to meet the needs of young people
  • Re-tree Masten District
  • Recent studies have shown planting of trees and other vegetation reduces incidents of violent crime

    A Masten that is Accessible

    India will pilot a sidewalk snow removal program, invest in safe street designs, and expand access to affordable high-speed internet.

    • Decision making with all members of the community through district-wide stakeholder meetings
    • Fiscal responsibility through utilizing grant opportunities, budget oversight, and planned replacement of city equipment
    • Invest in reliable public transit, green infrastructure & renewable energy
    • Increase participation in adult education & workforce development by removing obstacles 
    • Provide educational resources on health & safety & help residents access programs

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