Support India Walton in the race for Buffalo Common Council, Masten
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Take a look at who backs India Walton for Masten District!

Bold Progressives endorses India for Masten District Common Council. With a strong commitment to progressive values and a track record of advocating for affordable housing, quality education, and equitable healthcare, Walton is the change needed in local government. Her inclusive approach and determination to address systemic issues align with Bold Progressives’ mission. PCCC believes that Walton will be a powerful voice for the Masten District, working tirelessly for a more just and prosperous community.

Run for Something endorses India Walton for the Masten District Common Council in Buffalo, NY. They recognize her strong leadership, dedication to social and economic justice, and her deep connection with the community. India Walton’s vision for inclusive representation, affordable housing, equitable education, and criminal justice reform aligns with Run for Something’s mission. Her endorsement signifies her potential to create positive change and advocate for her constituents in Masten District.

The Working Families Party endorses India Walton for the Masten District Common Council. With her dedication to the community and commitment to equity, Walton is the ideal choice to represent the district. As a champion for working-class families and social justice, she aligns perfectly with the party’s values of economic fairness, racial equity, and environmental sustainability. The Working Families Party believes that India’s leadership and vision will bring a fresh, positive change to the Masten District.

India is proudly endorsed for the Masten District Common Council by the Buffalo Teachers Federation. With her background as a nurse and community organizer, Walton possesses the leadership and empathy needed to advocate for Masten District residents effectively. As an organization dedicated to advocating for affordable housing and tenants’ rights, BTF believes that India’s commitment to social and economic justice aligns perfectly with their mission. This organization is confident that she will bring about unequivocal change for the residents of Masten District.

As the former Senator of New York State, I, Antoine Thompson, am excited to endorse India Walton for the Masten District Common Council seat. Throughout her campaign, India has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community. Her vision for economic growth, affordable housing, and accessible healthcare aligns perfectly with the needs of the Masten District. India’s experience as a registered nurse and her dedication to serving others make her the ideal candidate to address the pressing issues facing our community. With her leadership, I am confident that Masten District will thrive and flourish. I wholeheartedly support India Walton and urge the residents of Masten District to vote for her.