“ I believe that the people closest to the problems are closest to the solutions. It’s time for us to stop waiting for someone to save us, and do it ourselves.”



Public Health 

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of illness. Our health is determined in part by access to social and economic opportunities; the resources and supports available in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities; the quality of our schooling; the safety of our workplaces; the cleanliness of our water, food, and air; and the nature of our social interactions and relationships. 

As Mayor of Buffalo, I will break down barriers to access to care by addressing root causes and improving outcomes for all. Too many Buffalonians are suffering from some of the worst health disparities in our region.

Neighborhood Stabilization

Housing is a human right. Safe, healthy, affordable housing is the foundation of a thriving community. COVID-19 has illuminated a longstanding problem in Buffalo – we have a housing crisis. Renters are paying more to live in substandard conditions, and homeowners are facing significant tax increases. The cost of housing has risen while wages have remained stagnant.

As Mayor, I will commit to advocating for truly affordable housing, stronger tenant protections – I have signed the Homes Guarantee Pledge – and tax relief for long-term residents at risk of displacement.

Fiscal Responsibility 

Municipal budgets are moral documents. Our community priorities should determine how our resources are allocated. For too long, our city has balanced its budget at the expense of our poorest and most vulnerable residents.

As Mayor, I will prioritize funding the arts, community centers and our public schools. Our budget process will be transparent, participatory, and put people first.