The Buffalo News: “Walton has the vision to lead in City Hall”

“We should all be excited about the mayoral election in 2021. Local elections matter tremendously because the outcomes shape our day-to-day lives in a very direct and immediate way.

I recently learned that a local woman, India Walton, has announced her run and this excites me tremendously.

I like Mayor Byron Brown. I have voted for him several times now. He is personable and approachable and he has done a tremendous job with Buffalo’s growth and progress since being mayor.

However, Mayor Brown has been in office since 2005. We have reached a point of exhaustion. Buffalo does need a change, a new voice in leadership, new ideas, and new ways of conducting business. We need a change and that change can come through Walton’s vision, experience and leadership skills.

Change is scary, but Buffalo is ready for change. I will be voting for Walton in the 2021 mayoral race. This is not an “anti-Brown” vote, but rather a vote for change and some new. We deserve a young, fearless, passionate voice in City Hall and Walton represents that.”

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Learn more about India and sign up to donate to her campaign here. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too.